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IPL Contra-Indications 

Hair Removal + Photo-Rejuvenation + Vascular

We cannot treat anyone who has known or reported the following unless a letter from your treating doctor is available, confirming the medical condition(s) will not prevent treatment using intense pulsed light.

  • In the case of any medication other than paracetamol, aspirin or contraception it is necessary to obtain a medical certificate from your Doctor prior to treatment indicating there is no related contra-indication.
  • Epilepsy (as repeated consecutive flashes may induce a fit)
  • Wearing a pacemaker
  • Tanned skin (active tan) through sun exposure or tanning bed use in the previous 30 days (because of increased risk of hyper pigmentation)
  • No use of photo-sensitizing products for 7 days before treatment (self tanning lotions, activators, self tanning shower gels, etc)
  • Hypo pigmentation (ie Vitiligo)
  • Skin cancer or any other cancer and/or who reports the undertaking of cancer drug therapy (such as Ducabaxine, Flurouracil, Methotrexate, etc)
  • Using St John’s Wart (herbal remedy) in the past 3 months for depression (causes photosensitivity)
  • Who has oral Isotretinoin-Roaccutane or Tretinoin-Retin A in the previous 3-6 months for the treatment of acne or other dermatological conditions
  • No zones with tattoos, suspect spots or skin diseases will be treated (including spots, inflammation, beauty spots, tumours or melanomas, psoriasis, herpes, etc)
  • Pregnant women cannot be treated until periods return and the end of breast feeding
  • Who takes drugs for diabetes (owing to possible photosensitivity and poor wound healing)
  • Taking anti-coagulant drugs (ie for heart disease)
  • Using any topical medication (ie hydrocortisone) or any topical essential oils or lotions which could cause sensitivity
  • Surgical metal pins or plates under the tissue to be treated
  • Using Quinidine, any anti-psychotic medication or large combinations of cardiac/diuretic drugs, or topical steroid creams in the area to be treated
  • General anaesthesia in the last three (3) months, local anaesthetic near treated area in the past month
  • In case of doubt seek medical advice prior to treatment

Please Note: It is not appropriate to bring children along to IPL treatments, due to Health and Safety concerns

Trans-sexuals may be treated although results can vary and IPL treatment should follow 6 months after completion of hormone therapy.

Conditions which affect hormone levels such as thyroid conditions, oral steroids, hormonal therapy and polycystic ovaries can be treated however results may vary and realistic outcomes may be reduced or delayed.

Information on Drug-Induced Photosensitivity

There are many drugs and some herbal remedies available at the moment which may cause the skin to become very sensitive to light. Whether these drugs are taken by mouth or applied to the skin, a reaction can occur. This reaction is called “Drug-Induced Photosensitivity” therefore, it is very important you provide information relating to any drugs which you are currently using to your MySkinSpa Specialist.

Ingredients in your skincare products

IPL targets the upper and lower structures of your skin and due to this action your skin cells will now respond differently to ingredients within your skincare and cosmetics for body and face. Ingredients such as fragrance, lanolin, artificial colours and dyes can retain heat, cause pimples, break outs and pigmentation - defeating the purpose of your treatment. Before treatments can proceed a full skin analysis and consultation is performed for every client, a full home care and clinical regime is prescribed and discussed for long term results.  Please be advised MySkinSpa will not be liable for any complications caused by ingredients in your non-prescribed home care regime.