Is perfect skin achievable?

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Caught between the possibilities touted by the media, product manufacturers & suppliers – society & the cosmetic industry have certainly set the bar high, the demands & expectations placed on all providers are immense & usually completely unrealistic. So is it delusional to chase after skin perfection or as with most things in life, should we try balancing the positives whilst still aiming high? How do we do this? by making a promise which can be kept by promoting healthy skin. My goal for each and every client is the achievable goal of optimum skin health through enabling the skin to heal itself.

This is why an additional logo ‘Paula Cliffin Skin’ has been created to compliment the MySkinSpa brand. I believe we need to help the biggest organ of our bodies help itself by not buying into the mainstream marketing hype which would have you believe you need to burn, peel, scrub, scrap & sandpaper off these precious redundant cells (yes they are redundant not dead) off to stay young. In all reality this couldn’t be further from the truth. Has anyone ever told you about your perfect eco-system called an acid-mantle (known by other names but for simplicity we will call it an acid mantle) which is located on your skin ….. no, here’s a snapshot.

Your skin has a delicate and essential layer called the Acid Mantle. The Acid Mantle is the skin’s very own defence mechanism against moisture loss and bad, foreign bacteria. When your Acid Mantle is healthy, your skin looks alive, fresh, and radiant. It has no signs of dehydration or fine lines. It has an even texture, your pores are refined and you don’t suffer from over sensitivity. Breakouts may occur, however, they seem to disappear rapidly and without scarring.

So why would we ever want to damage such an essential layer? Damaging and destroying the very mechanism nature has given us to keep our skin looking and feeling beautiful sounds bewildering, doesn’t it? 

Education of myself and my clients has underpinned my career for the past 28 years & will continue to do so as long as I practice. I want each and every client to achieve a balanced, healthy, optimally functioning skin with no bull education, recommendations & treatments. If I don't know what is happening under your skin, then it is guesswork at best - I therefore choose to use the latest in diagnostic machinery to customise, bespoke blends of ingredients to target your skins specific needs. Definitely no more one size fits all creams, lotions & potions - that time truly has come and gone.

I offer many treatments however specialise in skin, this includes current oncology clients; IPL hair removal; fat cavitation & brow sculpting & henna.

Remember skincare is like dieting & exercise, it takes time and effort. I look forward to welcoming you soon xx

Paula Cliffin


Certified in Oncology Aesthetics (COA)


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